Re: "file not found" under high-contention

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Here' it is from an old-version
MKS Tookit POV:

$ mksinfo
Toolkit for Developers Release 9.0p3
Install date: 4/5/2006 10:34:43

$ ls -1i s?/inc/df_types.h
    3 se/inc/df_types.h
 2079 sp/inc/df_types.h
 2079 sr/inc/df_types.h

$ stat -l s?/inc/df_types.h
se/inc/df_types.h:      nlink:  1
sp/inc/df_types.h:      nlink:  3
sr/inc/df_types.h:      nlink:  3

So somewhat better, but still not 100% correct.
Seems like some bad interaction is happening
between CYGWIN and Samba.


$ stat -A s?/inc/df_types.h
se/inc/df_types.h:      atime:  1336747408
se/inc/df_types.h:      ctime:  1291836195
se/inc/df_types.h:      nlink:  1
se/inc/df_types.h:      mode:   0x100777
se/inc/df_types.h:      mtime:  1291836195
se/inc/df_types.h:      smode:  -rwxrwxrwx
se/inc/df_types.h:      size:   8546

sp/inc/df_types.h:      atime:  1336747408
sp/inc/df_types.h:      ctime:  1291836195
sp/inc/df_types.h:      nlink:  3
sp/inc/df_types.h:      mode:   0x100777
sp/inc/df_types.h:      mtime:  1291836195
sp/inc/df_types.h:      smode:  -rwxrwxrwx
sp/inc/df_types.h:      size:   8546

sr/inc/df_types.h:      atime:  1336747408
sr/inc/df_types.h:      ctime:  1291836195
sr/inc/df_types.h:      nlink:  3
sr/inc/df_types.h:      mode:   0x100777
sr/inc/df_types.h:      mtime:  1291836195
sr/inc/df_types.h:      smode:  -rwxrwxrwx
sr/inc/df_types.h:      size:   8546

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