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Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate one. To summarize - gpfs 3.2
is unsupported in samba 3.6 branch. That triggers another question - is
there a combination of samba release and gpfs 3.2.x proven to work? I'm
happy to install any release of samba as long as it supports clustering and
any version of gpfs as long as it is 3.2 branch.

Jonathan - unfortunately I'm stuck with gpfs 3.2, there is nothing I can do.



On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 12:23 PM, Christian Ambach <ambi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 05/11/2012 12:39 PM, Zdenek SMetana wrote:
>> I'm trying to set up samba share exporting gpfs filesystem and I strugle
>> with setting sharemode to yes. Samba is 3.6.5, gpfs version is 3.2.1-29
>> (the latest available for 3.2 branch). Everything works fine when
>> sharemode
>> is set to no, but I'd rather insist to switch it to yes. That's what man
>> page says:
> I am not sure if Samba 3.6 and GPFS 3.2 were tested together recently as
> 3.2 is even out of support by IBM.
> But the share modes code has been in Samba for a long while now, so it
> should work and it does with more recent GPFS versions.
> Did you see that problem on earlier GPFS 3.2 PTF releases? Maybe something
> has changed on the GPFS side. But as 3.2 is out of service, there won't be
> future updates to it I am afraid.
> You could still create GPFS traces and ask IBM support why GPFS rejects
> that request. Once the cause is known, we might be able to work around in
> Samba.
>   no - do not propagate sharemodes across all GPFS nodes. This should only
>> be used if the GPFS file system is exclusively exported by Samba. Access
>> by
>> local unix application or NFS exports could lead to corrupted files.
> Sharemodes are less important for data integrity than gpfs:leases, but
> there are still necessary to get full protection.
>  [2012/05/11 11:29:41.979668, 10] modules/gpfs.c:77(set_gpfs_**sharemode)
>>   am=20089, allow=1, sa=3, deny=0
>> [2012/05/11 11:29:41.979722, 10] modules/gpfs.c:87(set_gpfs_**sharemode)
>>   gpfs_set_share failed: Operation not
>> permitted                                                           - why
>> it goes whong here??????
>  [2012/05/11 11:29:41.979836, 10] modules/gpfs.c:68(set_gpfs_**sharemode)
>>   special case am=no_access:0
>> [2012/05/11 11:29:41.979879, 10] modules/gpfs.c:77(set_gpfs_**sharemode)
>>   am=0, allow=0, sa=0, deny=0
>> [2012/05/11 11:29:41.979927, 10] modules/gpfs.c:87(set_gpfs_**sharemode)
>>   gpfs_set_share failed: Operation not permitted
>> [2012/05/11 11:29:41.979971, 10]
> Yes, those are are definitely related to the problem you are seeing.
> Regards,
> Christian
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