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Thanks very much for answers from both Stefan and Volker.

The solutions from both of you are built for source3/torture/

I actually want to build the smbtorture using source code under source4/torture/smb2
I am trying the solutions you gave, but not sure if they apply to source4/torture/smb2.

Thanks a lot

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> I am building the  torture/smbtorture for    samba-4.0.0alpha17.  After build,  I am running the test in another environment.
> I not only need to copy the binary smbtorture,  I also need to copy the shared libraries.   This is HUGE inconvenient for us.
> Could somebody tell me how to build the binary using static linked libraries?

Take a look at;a=blob;f=source3/Makefile-smbtorture4;

This should build a statically linked smbtorture4:

cd source3
make bin/smbtorture4


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