Re: Samba4 oplocks: LibreOffice and Word file locking

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On 04/05/12 09:19, Daniel Müller wrote:
I do not know exactly what you are trying to do!?
You have one Samba4 DC-ADS the master!
One samba3 the file and printserver!?
Both on a physical host!?

Hi Daniel and thanks for the explanation.

I want s4 on one box and s3 on another. (I can't see a way of having 2 smb.conf on the same physical box, so we separate them.)

Currently I'm administering all this using scripts from the s4 DC under Linux:

It works fine but the ntvfs fileserver that comes with s4 is rather limited. I want to serve files using the s3 fileserver which supports the Posix options I need. That will be on another box or VM.

So you just need to let do Samba4 be the authentication and gpo part.


The samba3 host has to join as memberserver to the ads of the Samba4.

Yep. I can do that. I already have Linux clients joined to the domain. But simply to set the realm and so they can get a keytab using net ads keytab create. Nothing else. It's the [global] section on the s3 fileserver's smb.conf I can't work out!

Point the samba3 server to authenticate users
to the samba4.

This is the bit I'm missing. Is this a line in smb.conf on the s3 box?

For the samba4. Login from your admin PC with ads tools from Microsoft installed:

I have the profile and home drive mappings setup via a script.

Define the home directories on the samba3 host.
Those would be everything I have at the moment in the s4 smb.conf except the netlogion and sysvol shares? then remove those shares from the s4 smb.conf?

TIA for your patience,
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