Re: Samba4 oplocks: LibreOffice and Word file locking

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On 04/05/12 02:26, Jeremy Allison wrote:
On Thu, May 03, 2012 at 07:33:53PM +0200, steve wrote:

I can't see how to do that. We currently have a single box S4 which
serves both the Linux and Windows clients. The files are in the same
folders on the same machine. S4 serves the Win boxes (ntvfs/cifs I
think) and nfs the Linux machines.

How would I get a separate s3 fileserver to do the same job? If that
can be done then can we still keep nfs for our Linux clients?
Presumably on the same box as the s3 fileserver?

Server1: S4 AD DC
Server2: s3 and nfs fileserver joined to Server1 domain

That's exactly how to do it. You could use VM's to
create the fileserver box or the S4 AD-DC.

Hi Jeremy
Thanks for the confirmation. The VM is a great idea.

Just one bit of confusuion:

When I create a new user, I create his homeDirectory in a share. I create the user on Server1. Can I at the same time, create his homeDirectory on Server2? Afterwards, how do I tell the clients to look at Server1 to authenticate and Server2 to get the data?

I understand, I have


How do I get the clients to distinguish between the two?

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