Re: [Bulk] 3.2.7 vs 3.5 locking logic/mechanism - locking denied to non-owners

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if I level up the logs

on 3.5 : fetch_share_mode_unlocked: no share_mode record around (file not open)

on 3.2.7 : is_locked: flavour = WINDOWS_LOCK brl start=1733591040 len=61440 unlocked for fnum 10659 file

any thoughts?

On 25/04/12 13:53, lejeczek wrote:
hi everybody

I'm hoping some experts could shed a bit more light on the subject
I cannot work it out and it's potentially quite a hassle

win xp sp3 client
samba 3.2.7 on sles 11
samba 3.5.10 on rhel 6.1

and one app the the front end to a user, that does not write anything back to the resure

this is what I think goes on:
3.5 somehow denies some sort of locking to the client if the user does not own/write to data tree
no such problem with 3.2

I've compared runtime configs of both sambas and virtually the look almost identical, well, where the differences are they look unrelated to the issue, at least to me.

does anybody have any suggestions? ideas?
greatly appreciated
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