Re: UID/GID mapping consistency across at least two Linux machines

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On 09/04/12 21:00, Gaiseric Vandal wrote:
On 04/09/12 13:11, bakytn wrote:
I found this:

How to implement "a" scenario?
Are you using winbind for idmapping?   The files you want may be
/var/samba/locks (check "testparm -v" for the locks and cache
directories.)  Look at the winbind*tdb and idmap*tdb files.  tdbdump
will show you what is in them.

I've never understood why we have to use winbind when using Linux clients. It seems a complicated way to go about uid/gid mapping.

All we do is add posixAccount, uidNumber and gidNumber +any of other 2307 stuff you may need to the user record in LDAP. Maybe the problem before has been with the poor performance of nss-ldap. But with the new nss-ldapd nslcd, the user and group mapping is perfect and very fast. It's just as good as reading from a local file even on a busy lan.


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