Re: Connected client unaffected by group/user/share change

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On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 4:14 PM, Steve Tice <stic6021@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here’s the undesirable behavior. As long as the CIFS client maintains the existing connection to the CIFS share, access to that share is not revoked. That is, the user continues to have the same access to the share as they did when the connection was first established.
> The desired behavior is for access to be revoked as soon as the configuration change pertinent to access rights is finalized. Disconnecting the affected client session(s) is acceptable and appropriate, but disconnecting other sessions (unaffected by the configuration change) is undesirable.

the quick and dirty hack is to use smbstatus to get the clients PID
and kill it.  this is also useful when changing share options as the
clients will automatically reconnect, but not all applications will
handle losing their open file handles cleanly, so use with caution
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