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You need to run samba 3.5 or samba 3.6 from sernet.

To get your Win 7 and W2008 Server in the domain you need to do some registry entries.

If you are running a virtual machine I suggest to move from SLES to centos

Good Luck

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we have tried to update our rather old samba PDC. The system is running on Novell SLES 10  SP2 with the samba RPM from Sernet.
We stopped everything and updated (booting from DVD, using offline update) the machine to SLES 11 SP1 started samba and everything was fine - expect all WIN 7 and W2008XX Server.
Those clients were not able to use the domain.
XP and Vista (32 and 64) worked without any problems. After 2h of searching we switched back to the old Installation, to get everything back to work.
The PDC is a virtual machine. so using the snapshot worked very well ;)

However I do not have the log files anymore :(

OS                                                Samba ver
SLES 10 SP2 (i586)                    samba3-3.3.4-39

OS                                                Samba ver
SLES 11 SP1 (i586)                    samba-3.4.3

*) Has anybody seen this kind of behavior ?
   (Doing samba update -> Win7 is not able to use the domain anymore)

*) Is there a way to test those steps ? The pdc is using our LDAP Server, so we can not simply clone the pdc and test everything in a separate network...
(or we have to clone a couple of server ...)

*) When we update the PDC and we get everything working  - which version is recommended (3.4.X // 3.5.X. // 3.6.X ) ?

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