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Remote access and other items


I've managed to install a barebones system and I have a number of

 Out of 5 DASD, only 2 are formatted. That is not enough to install
everything or my data. I assume that I need to get the remaining 3 DASD
formatted and that is outlined in the doc I have so the method is not a
problem. The problem is that I have to have linux to format the drives,
so I create the smallest system I can. Deselecting all packages. My plan
is to reinstall linux after I've formatted and added the drives.

 I go through the steps to fmtdasd, fdasd, mke2fs but then I have to
update /etc/fstab.  This is where I'm having a problem. VI produces a
lot of unredable text on VM so I'm not sure of what I'm doing. When I
try to exit, the exit commands (:q, :q!) don't work. I can change modes
with ^[ but can't get out.  Either VI is not what I should be using or
maybe I need to access remotely and try that. I've tried NANO but with
similar results. I'm not used to VI so I can't deal with all the
uncertainties staring me in the face with all the gibberish on the

 How do I get these files changed correctly so that I can add the
additional storage? Install an editor?

 Additionally, how can I get a remote terminal involved in performing
these tasks. I've installed the telnet server (the only package I've
selected) but can't telnet or ssh to work on the remote desktop, its
says 'no path'. We all have linux installed on our workstations and
would like to use that to log into <hopefully I can install linux on vm
that acts like a server> the VM Linux. Something I've got to install
that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance

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