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Installing RHEL4 to a VM guest

I've got to say that this is not a trivial task.
I've managed to get the IPL the kernel in a VM guest and can telnet into the installation program from a linux workstation but I can only get so far as selecting an installation type.
My choices are NFS, FTP, HTTP, or DASD.
I've got the .iso images on CDs but my problem is now how to get them onto the vm guest (now running the install program).
As far as I can tell from the available documentation (I will not expound on my frustration at this point) I must BE a server for the first three methods and I'm not. That leaves DASD as an install method and from what I can tell (gurgle) I must somehow move the .iso files to the VM guest. Where to put them and how to get them, however, remains a mystery.
So, my question is: how do I move the .iso files to VM and are .iso files OK or do they somehow have to be extractetd into the RPMS, etc. in order for this to work. Where do I put them? How does dasdb1 and dasdc1 play into this? Is there ANY documentation suited to a mainframer anywhere out there?
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