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Re: MySQL upgrade

./configure --disable-bdb

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> 1)How can I build the latest mysql without encountering these errors

./configure --disable-bdb

Since this is a configure option, the developers must have thought about 
it, so I would expect that it wouldn't remove any functionality, it would 
just change how things are done internally and possibly 'narrow' the 
possibilities from outside (like queuing db transactions instead of 
multithreading them).

Instead of just doing a 'rpm -bb mysql.spec', you'll have to do the 
gunziping, patching, ./configure, make, make install by hand.

> 2)How often can I expect such problems when building from source rpms?
> Considering the moribund pace that RH releases binary packages for the
> s390 at, this is an important consideration.

Depends on how clean and tidy your installation is, src RPMs are very 
specific about things and their versions in order to make sure that the 
best quality binary RPMs get built.

I've never had any trouble with building binary s390 openssh RPMs (for 
example) ... be grateful you were able to get this far, and didn't just 
get a Seg Fault every now and then.

Hope this helps.

Ashley Chaloner.
University Of Warwick, UK.

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