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Re: RH7.2 on Hercules

> > OK, now did I do something silly?  It booted and I can ping it, _but_ I
> > installed it with the firewall set to medium!  Did I do something and
> > block myself out now?  ssh, for example, simply says connection refused.
> > 
> > Doing such a mistake seems so easy, there must be a trick?!
> > 
> > I can see the login prompt in Hercules...  :(  So close, yet so far.
> Have you tried logging in via Hercules, and running the command:
> ...

I'm familiar with all the commands as far as within the RedHat itself,
but I guess I don't know how to interface with Hercules.

Did a "?", and looked at a few commands.  It obviously isn't "sh login"
because my Hercules and xterm just blew up!  *POOF*!  Gone...

_Almost_ funny...


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