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Problem while installing RH 7.1 on s390x - error mounting /dev/loop0

I'm trying to install RH 7.1 on a VM on a 64 bit IBM zSeries machine. (VM 
type linux image) (64 bit, hence s390x). I have downloaded the iso images 
and used FTP type installaion.

After the FTP info is given I see "retrieving RedHat/base/netstg1.img" for a 
while and then I get the error: ""Error mounting /dev/loop0 on /mnt/runtime 
(Device or resource busy). This shouldn't happen, and I'm rebooting you 
system now."
On the x3270 console I could see the following lines:
/tmp/raid1.o: ELF file /tmp/raid1.o not for this architecture
/tmp/xor.o: ELF file /tmp/xor.o not for this architecture
/tmp/raid5.o: ELF file /tmp/raid5.o not for this architecture

>From the mailing list all I infer is a suggestion that the files might have 
been corrupt.

Has any one come across a similar scenario or does any one have 

Thanks in advance,

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