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[Redhat-s390-list] default kernel config

Hello again.

I was wondering if anyone from RedHat could give me details on the stock
kernel config in their GA release (2.4.9-17). I've been rebuilding my
kernel to experiment with LVM, but I haven't been able to supply the
correct options to get me back to full functionality. My system ipl's, but
RAID no longer seems to work. Although the RAID device is detected during
boot and I recieve a "md0 created" message, it fails with a "does not
exist" message not long after. I have all of the RAID options enabled
during "make config," and I've tried compiling them as both modules and
into the kernel with the same results. As a seperate issue, whenever I
issue a "df" or similar command, my drive designation output looks like "
dasd/403/part1" rather than "dasdc".

Due to these problems, I'm looking for a way to modify my kernel while
retaining the options that are built into the default kernel. Looking into
the system.map and trying to infer meaning from it is an uncertain
proposition at best. Does anyone possess info regarding the stock RH
2.4.9-17 kernel config?


Michael Lambert

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