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[Redhat-s390-list] How to install RH 7.2 via RPMS on LOCAL HARDISK ???

I've got a 3390 disk with the RH 7.2 ramdisk on it and I've run ZIPL and
can IPL it ok (and telnet to it OK).

Now I've created a partition on that same disk and I want to download the
GA 7.2   /s390/RPMS to it and install RH 7.2  from that same disk

Will rhsetup let me do this??

I've mounted the partition to /mnt and can ftp files into it...but I can't
seem to get rhsetup to use it for install.

If this is workable, what is the correct RPMSERVER field to supply when
I run throught rhsetup ??

If not...will another install method work and let me do this??


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