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Re: [Redhat-s390-list] No LCS module found after following READMEinstructions

OK, I have two more new points of information:

After inspecting the redhat.ins file we got from the iso images, we found
that it contained the following:

" * Red Hat Linux for S/390 Installation
 images/tapekrnl.img 0x00000000
 images/tapeinrd.img 0x00800000
 images/lpar.prm 0x00010480  "

This is somewhat strange considering that we are trying to boot from the
CD, not the tapedrive. It also explains why no modules were found when we
inserted them into the initrd.img. We changed this file to point to the
initrd.img file and the correct kernel and hoped it would work.

After attempting to load again, we got a different error message stating:

" /lib/lcs.o was compiled for kernel version 2.4.7 while    this kernel is
version 2.4.7-6.1BOOT
  /lib/lcs.o unresolved symbol tasklet_hi_schedule "

and then proceeded to spit out the usual messages about no device found.

Well, this sent us running to the IBM site to see if perhaps they had some
other version that we had missed. Lo and behold, we saw that they had
updated just this afternoon to lcs-2.4.7-s390-1.o.

Hopefully this will resolve our problems, but we don't have a chance to
experiment today (our only CD burner is being used). We'll try Monday

After all that ranting, I was wondering if you guys had any opinions or
advice to offer.

Michael Lambert

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