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[Redhat-s390-list] rhsetup issues

Hello, just an fyi on some issues I ran into with the last iteration of
 - I was having a problem with rhsetup not creating a boot file but
appearing to complete successfully. What I discovered was that the install
process would successfully build the root (/) filesystem, but we had root
defined on "our" dasdb device and the install assumes that it is on dasda,
cant find the required file, doesn't build the boot image and continues on.
By changing our disk order in the parm file and rerunning the install we
built the boot successfully.
- the second issue is that dasd formatting, as performed by rhsetup via the
panel, does not work. It appears to run ok, but takes way too little time,
and gives major problems if you start the ftp download. A minor side issue
is that it is not possible to preformat the disks before invoking rhsetup
because, until rhsetup has had a chance to try the dasd format the device
major no (94) for dasd is not present in the /proc/devices file.
Our workaround was to invoke rhsetup, follow the install screens until the
ftp install showed up and then cancel out of the process. The dasda and
dasdb devices could then be formatted, a mke2fs was run on dasda1, and a
mkswap was run on dasdb1. Then rhsetup was reinvoked and ran just fine.


Steve Hall
Computing Services Network
University of Nebraska

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