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Re: RPM cannot detect a library for installation

Long ago, Nostradamus foresaw that on 06/29/2012 07:44 AM, jupiter would write:

> I even added /usr/lib64 to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, the error still persists.
> Why can't rpm detect the libodbc.so and libodbcinst.so?

b/c no installed package actually provides them...

Could you please elaborate ....? 

RPM maintains a database of installed files for each package, including permissions and md5sum.  When you run "rpm -V" it checks that all the files for packages are still installed, and have the same checksum and permissions (with caveats to handle config files).  Dependency checking also uses the database, not the actual installed files.  In keeping with the logic of RPM, even if it *did* check the actual files, the most it would do is issue a warning:  "Files recorded as installed are missing!  Danger Will Robinson!"  

In short, whether some files exist or not is irrelevant to the question of whether packages satisfying dependencies are, or can be installed.
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