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Re: building rpm packages for older distributions.

Different rpm format is not the only problem when you build software on the recent distribution for the old ones.

Here you have a general portability problem: how make application built on one distribution work on another - older.

There are good chances that (compiled) program will use symbols introduced in the newer version of glibc and missing in the old ones,
and will not run on the old distro at all.

To some degree you can solve this problem using tools like statifier (http://statifier.sf.net) or Ermine (http://magicErmine.com),
but I think in your case much better solution is just build your application and rpm on the eldest distro you can find.
You can install it in VM and do build there.

I use for build as recent distro as Fedora Core 1.


From: Elias Abacioglu <elias.rabi@xxxxxxxxx>
To: rpm-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, January 2, 2012 8:38 PM
Subject: Re: building rpm packages for older distributions.

R P Herrold skrev 2012-01-02 18:27:
> On Mon, 2 Jan 2012, Elias Abacioglu wrote:
>> So the question is, is there a way to build packages with "legacy" support?
>> Like some way to force the rpm to use other payload and filedigest methods
>> that have wider support.
>> Cause it feels kind of backwards to install centos 4 to build rpm packages
>> that should work on old and new versions of rpm.
> I dunno about 'feels backward' -- later versions of RHEL, and thus CentOS have moved to new forms of compression, etc, whose 'emergence as desired' were not knowable to earlier versions of RPM
> The steps of 'ripping out xz compression' and later RPM 'enhancements' is fairly mechanical', less so is addressing the addition of certain dependency finding and other 'convenience' macros used in later RPM versions
> That said, a 'general' path to building packages that do not require invasive changes [1], is to build with the older tools, tweaking the .spec file, as needed
Hi, well it's Centos 6.2 that has the strange deault settings.
It seems  to be:
%_source_filedigest_algorithm 8
%_binary_filedigest_algorithm 8
%_binary_payload w2.xzdio

So I guess I'll change it to
%_source_filedigest_algorithm 1
%_binary_filedigest_algorithm 1

But I do not know which binary_payload is the one with most legacy support..
Any suggestions of the binary_payload I should use?

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