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Re: Best way to filter automated dependencies

On Thu, 9 Jun 2011, Daniel Neuberger wrote:

Or you can create dummy package with only missed provides and install it too.
This would be similar to saying our package provides the dependencies
(via the Provides line), but I don't want to do that because it leaves
the possibility of other packages falsely assuming our package
provides something it doesn't.  Good idea though.

Your dummy package omits BuildRoot, and actually includes files when
you "build" it (failing if they are missing).  For example (binary package from
obsolete machine still used in emulation):

Summary: EDX Assembler
Name: edx-asm
Version: 1.1
Release: 1
License: Commercial
Group: System Environment/Base
BuildArch: noarch
Requires: edx >= 1.1.13

Binary7 EDX programs for assembling EDL programs.  This package is separate
because the binaries are not version controlled or included in the
edx SRPM.


If you list individual files instead of directories, you'll know if anything

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