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rpm -U options

I have a setup wherein I have configured my harddisk into 2 partitions(say sda1 and sda2) each being imaged with SLES10sp2 versions. Each of these partititons have a corresponding boot partition which will be read by the MBR to boot from.
In such an environment, I am trying to use "rpm -U" command to upgrade one of the partition(say sda2, lets call it as inactive) from the other partition(say sda1, lets call this active). Since each partition has its own rpmdatabase, I used --relocate and --dbpath options along with rpm -U command, something like:
rpm -U <rpm> --relocate <mount point of sda2> --dbpath <mount point of sda/var/lib/rpm>
Although the command works(the inactive partiton gets upgraded), I see that active partition's rpm files are getting DELETED.
This happens only when both the partitions are on the same versions. If they are on different versions, I dont see this issue.
Can anyone point me to the right set of upgrade options to be used in this usecase?

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