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Re: Files packaged in /var won't be affected by rpm -U?

> > > What happen to say db files you put in /var/lib/mydb for example,
> > > when I perform an upgrade? They won't be touched at all if I upgrade
> > > said package using rpm -U correct?
> >
> > Without a more detailed view of the rpm and the file I would say that
> > your package owns them then the likely answer is yes.
> >
> > mysql's package doesn't down the files it creates in /var/lib/mysql,
> > are only created post-install, but it does on the directory.  So the
> > spec might be a good place to go look for an example.
> Thanks for the pointer to the mysql spec.
> Question on that rpm then, if the user performs an rpm -U to the
> next version of mysql I imagine rpm won't touch the data inside /
> var/lib/mysql because since they were created after installation, it
> doesn't own those files, even though it does own the directory correct?

you are correct.

> Thanks for your assistance,


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