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pthread library on redhat linux 9.0


We have a problem with pthread library on Linux 9.0/gcc 3.2.2.
We have written a wrapper for pthread calls on linux 8.0/gcc 3.2, and this
is built as an archive library - And one of our products is using this
Now we are trying to build our product on linux 9.0/gcc 3.2.2, and uses our
archive threads library (which is built on 3.2/8.0).
The linking is done as "-lwrapperlibrary -lpthread"

The application crashes or sometimes hangs at pthread_mutex_lock().

But works fine, when we rebuild the threads library on linux 9.0/gcc 3.2.2.,
but we may want to avoid this -
We even tried linking with pthread_nonshared.a, but didnt help.

Can someone give details on the difference in the pthreads implemantion, and
why this pthread_nonshared.a library.

Is there an update?

Thanks in advance

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