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[Sound] Intel 82801 DB Sound and RedHat 8.0

 I just upgraded my system and it now has an Intel 845GLAD
mother board, with Intel 82801 DB Ac 98 Audio. But I cant seem to
get linux (Redhat 8.0 or Mandrake 8.1) to play sound. RH8 seems to
detect the card correctly, but when it tries to play the test
sound, it says "cant open /dev/dsp". I cant play any sound at all and
some errors are reported while initialising the card also, which can
be viewed from dmesg. The message looks like

Intel 810 + AC97 Audio, version 0.22, 13:45:06 Sep  4 2002
PCI: Found IRQ 3 for device 00:1f.5
PCI: Sharing IRQ 3 with 00:1f.3
PCI: Setting latency timer of device 00:1f.5 to 64
i810: Intel ICH4 found at IO 0xe080 and 0xe400, IRQ 3
i810_audio: Codec not ready.. wait.. no response.
i810_audio: Audio Controller supports 6 channels.
i810_audio: Defaulting to base 2 channel mode.
i810_audio: Primary codec not ready.

This is registered as a bug at the Redhat Bugzilla (Bug: 76830),
but I couldnt find any fix for this. Can anyone help me please!

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