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I moved my servers onto Centos 4.4 (built on RH EL4) a couple of months ago without too much trouble. I chose Centos because it is stable, has good support, and uses the RH architecture which I am familiar with.

For my desktops I have been trying out Ubuntu 6.06, which seems to be quite good. I chose it because it also is stable and has good support, and is very well integrated (Mozilla, OpenOffice, etc).

Hope this helps.

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007 03:50:22 +1100, Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr. <diogenes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been using Redhat 9 steadily for some time now.
Now that it has lost all its support, with the complete close of the legacy effort, it would seem that moving to another distribution might eventually be needed.

I used Shrike as both a local development web page server and as a desktop with browser clients. I'd like to use it for much more, but I'm stuck with WordPerfect and FrontPage on my windows unit.
I use Apache and Tux to serve local copies of multiple domains.
Entering my domain url's without the www gets the local copy, with the www gets the internet copy. It works seamlessly.

I'd like to get some recomendations for what distribution to consider for my next Linux, hopefully with a minimum of trouble.

Unfortunately, many of the people in a position to provide a recommendation have probably dropped this list, but I'll ask anyway.

I've noted one person suggested Scientific Linux 3 <url: > as being most like Redhat 9.

What distribution would you dedicated redhat 9 users recommend for my next installation (and why)?


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