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On 05Dec2006 19:06, JohnH <pctech@xxxxxxx> wrote:
| >Um, please show us "ls -ld the-directory-pathname".
| drwx------   17   john     john        4086     Oct 23    23:28

Ok, so you have rights. Next step it to examine samba.
1: You're running as "john" on the Windows box, yes?
2: Run the command "smbstatus".
   It should show a handler for your windows box, and the user the
   handler is running as (it should be "john").
3: I gather attaching to \\the-linux-box\the-share is failing.
   What about plain \\the-linux-box, which should show a list of shares?

Cameron Simpson <cs@xxxxxxxxxx> DoD#743

Rearranged the networking in Telsa's room. This lets me get a single
address space for the entire house network so that machines can move
rooms without having to be reconfigured. More importantly although she
has yet to realise it leaves me with sufficient free ports downstairs
to later run cabling into the TV room and kitchen. - Alan Cox 12apr2001

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