Re: Mem utilization on Red Hat 9 brain tickler.

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Steven W. Orr wrote:

I have two machines here that are each running with 2G of ram. One sees all of its ram and the other only sees 256M. This is ringing a bell in the back of my mind about how to fix it. I can't remember if there's a boot commandline option that's needed or a special kernel-build trick that was needed or what it was. Does anyone remember what the trick was?

I hate getting old. :-(


There is a "mem=" kernel option at boot time. If this is a Dell server, there is a bios setting for memory and I don't remember the exact name of the setting, but it's in the memory section and it mentions OS. If this is set to ON, the bios thinks the OS cannot handle more than 256M of memory, and that's all the OS will see.

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