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Hi ,
I have same setup at my office , my network is complitely open source , i am planning to impliment VPN at our office ,
If u have some information , u should be share with me . it will be pleasure to discuss  any technical query ....

Thanks & Regards
dheerendar srivastav

Scot L. Harris wrote:
On Wed, 2004-12-22 at 09:13, R. S. Patil wrote:
Dear Friends,

We have many branch offices, Some traveling persons and
a few third party corporate S/W developers who are suppose
to solve some S/W related problems remotely.

HO has about 20 to 30 Nodes and branches have 5 to 10 nodes.
all have Linux Servers and RDBMS based C/S application.
All nodes are having W9x/XP running on them.

Now we want to establish a VPN with minimal investment. The data

When searched on google i got two three options like
FreeS/WAN, StrongS/WAN, OpenS/WAN and Open VPN.

Can somebody suggest me which option would be better to start with ?
some urls to read more on this VPN technology.
Management is ready to spare one or more dedicated PCs for VPN
gateways but those are Intel based PII/P4 range PCs.

I would actually recommend using something like a Netgear VPN device. 
They are relatively inexpensive (couple of hundred dollars at most). 
Fairly easy to setup and once in place will require very little
support.  And if you do have problems setting it up Netgear's support is
reasonably priced for a per incident case.

The biggest problem you are going to have is regards to the dynamic IP
addressing.  Much of that depends on how often they change your IP. 
Everytime they do you will need to modify your VPN configurations to
reestablish them.

Now the reality may be more like what I have at home with Brighthouse. 
My IP address has not changed in well over a year.  But it could change
tomorrow and every day after that.  

So much of it depends on how much time you really want to mess with it. 
Spend a couple of hundred per site (if that much) and spend a few hours
setting it up and testing.   Or spend a lot of time (as in days possibly
weeks) getting one of the other VPN options you mentioned up and
running.  The VPN service will most likely be just as good either way,
it really comes down to a time/cost trade off.

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