Samba, Swat and Network Connectedness

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Well, I got over my minor hurdle with webmin. I just had to do some twisted thinking
to set values. It's a bit unusual. Once you fill in the appropriate window, there's a
button that updates all the windows.

So now I'm trying to communicate over the local network, and am temporarily baffled.
My firewall on XP pro is now the SP2 MS firewall. McAfee is gone. I probably have
some switch set in the MS firewall that is preventing My Network Places from seeing
anything including my XP machine.

In looking at the online book at <> for setting up Samba (see chapter 10 and 11) it appears the methodology is a bit different that the RHL9 customization guide (chap 17). The cust guide mentions some tools that apparently I did not install initally, but barely references XP Pro unlike the online book. My impression is that the RH cust book is out of date. Then there's the almost single page webmin for doing this at <>. Three choices. Off I go ...

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