connecting to 2 isps

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I am running redhat9 in my gateway machine.
Presently i have a DSL connection which is working all right.
Now i have got one more connection for backup.

What i want to do is to use both effectively. The goal is to use both of
them in parallel. So i dont have to worry if one goes down(the other
connection should handle all requests).

I have got one more NIC card in the system and tried to configure it. But
failed. As i configured the new nic with the static ip given by new isp it
sets the new isps gateway as default and i couldn't able to connect neither
of them

Present config 
eth0 --> ip by isp1
eth1 --> internal ip
tried with
eth2 --> ip by isp2

restart network
route -rn --> shows isp2's gateway as default gateway.

Googled and found many things that weren't relevent for me. Some were dead
ends. I think i am searching in wrong places.

i understand i have to use iproute2 or routed daemon.

can someone shed some light on it? Thanks for any pointers.
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