Re: Redhat 9 Hangs

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Saravana Kumar wrote:

> Craig White wrote:
>> You can install Windows on that system but it will prove nothing - even
>> if Windows fails.
>> My understanding is that your purchase of that machine was driven by the
>> fact that it was certified to work with RH 9. The fact that it cannot
>> pass the memtest.exe of RH 9 is proof that the system, with present
>> components is substandard and not up to specification. Period. If the
>> system wasn't newly/recently manufactured (i.e. used/reconditioned), it
>> may be as simple as a BIOS upgrade.
> You're exactly correct i purchsed the machine because it can run on Linux.
>> Installing Windows is a peripheral issue - you did not purchase it for
>> use with Windows, Windows may incorporate some undocumented fix for
>> substandard hardware and what on earth are you going to use to
>> adequately test it to determine failure? This too is a waste of time for
>> which you should be compensated. In the end, installing Windows will
>> neither prove nor disprove anything that hasn't already been proven.
> But, after supplying it with adequete driver(SCSI) windows can't detect
> the drive. I couldn't install windows. Also, i have made clear to them
> that even if was successfully installing windows i want to run Linux and
> only Linux on it. I tried with windows only for their sake. Wasted time is
> already gone. I want to prove them that if Linux doesn't work nothing
> will.
>> Basic Philosophical logic here:
>> 1- System is certified for use with RH 9
>> 2- Boot RH 9 disc - execute memtest
>> 3- system fails - system is substandard and does not meet
>> specifications/certification.
>> 4- Windows is irrelevant to discussion
> Right. As today is sunday i can't catch them. I think in a day or two i
> can ask them give compensation or just return the system back.
>> Craig
> Thanks again,

Now the problem is over. I called up the engineer again and tried with
installing windows(with 3 driver disks). Windows after installation was
working fine. Before this what the engineer did was to flash the BIOS.
There was an BIOS update in the HP site. This i missed:-(

After windows, we tried with Linux. Installation went on smoothly. Then
tried copying *big* files, that too had no problems. Now the system is
working fine. Still i didn't migrate any data to it. But i think there wont
be any more problem.

Thanks for all who followed up. Hope this will be helpful for others.
Since this was a new machine i never even thought of the BIOS update.
But BIOS was the bottleneck. 

Again thank you all for spending your time(especially craig) and sharing
your knowledge.
Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely
unintentional side effect.             --- Linus Torvalds

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