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On Sat, 2004-07-24 at 10:13, Saravana Kumar wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
> Thanks Craig for all ur time & help.
> > If you cannot pass memtest - you don't have a working computer - period.
> > 
> > There are things that can cause memtest to fail that aren't the RAM -
> > such as a faulty motherboard or power supply as has been suggested.
> > Also, faulty expansion slot cards. Disconnect/remove everything that
> > wasn't part of the HP system except for the keyboard, mouse and monitor.
> > Run memtest. If this fails, they need to provide a computer that will
> > pass.
> Actually Craig, i haven't put any new hadware into it. All the hardware now
> in the computer came with it. Its a new system(a month old). If i have to
> remove anything i can remove only the SCSI drives(those too came with the
> system).
> > There is little point to installing or doing anything else until it can
> > pass the test.
> And the guy has *suggested* me to install M$ Windows for testing. I don't
> think it will work. But if it then how can i prove that the h/w has
> problem(if at all it works fine). Tonight i am going to try this one out.
> > If they want to supply you with memory (as I recall, this was pin
> > registered ECC) and extra motherboard and power supply, then you have to
> > let them know that you charge for your time to perform the quality
> > control repairs necessary since their factory testing was inadequate.
> > Me - I would send them the computer back.
> Thanks for reminding me about that. I would certain go for that.
> > 
> > Craig
> I will revert back after testing with windows:-<
> Before that i have to copy all data to some other. I fear i may lose them in
> this process.
> One more thing i wanted to add here is --- If i share some directories from
> here, mount from other machines and copy files to the share every thing
> works fine. Me too have started to doubt the Motherboard. Now you have
> confirmed that.
You can install Windows on that system but it will prove nothing - even
if Windows fails.

My understanding is that your purchase of that machine was driven by the
fact that it was certified to work with RH 9. The fact that it cannot
pass the memtest.exe of RH 9 is proof that the system, with present
components is substandard and not up to specification. Period. If the
system wasn't newly/recently manufactured (i.e. used/reconditioned), it
may be as simple as a BIOS upgrade.

Installing Windows is a peripheral issue - you did not purchase it for
use with Windows, Windows may incorporate some undocumented fix for
substandard hardware and what on earth are you going to use to
adequately test it to determine failure? This too is a waste of time for
which you should be compensated. In the end, installing Windows will
neither prove nor disprove anything that hasn't already been proven.

Basic Philosophical logic here:
1- System is certified for use with RH 9
2- Boot RH 9 disc - execute memtest
3- system fails - system is substandard and does not meet
4- Windows is irrelevant to discussion


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