Re: iptables "turted device"

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Ajai Khattri schrieb:
On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, Mike Burger wrote:

With that rule, it looks to me like you're going to accept anything that
hits eth0, no matter where it comes from.

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, Pekka K. Kurki wrote:

When I define in iptables

-A RH-Lokkit-0-50-INPUT -i eth0 -j ACCEPT

Though, the RH-Lokkit-0-50-INPUT chain could contain blocking rules so
that's no necessarily true.

To be sure we need to see the output of "iptables -L -n"


After dome tests and log reading it looks like Mike said it would be... I replaced the line by

-A RH-Lokkit-0-50-INPUT -s -d 0/0  -j ACCEPT

and now it looks OK....

Thands for help


(Mr.) Pekka K. Kurki
Intellectics GesmbH,

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