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bbales wrote:

Took me a while to change over to yum. Looks like it will be great.
However, I only have two repositories in my yum.conf, both mirrors of One is for bases and one for updates.

I seem to be able to find lots of repositories for fedora files, but can't find any for RH-9. Can I use a fedora repository with RH 9? If not, where are the RH 9 repositories?

Take a look at:

There are entries there for your yum.conf. RedHat is no longer supporting RH9, so you might want to think about moving to Fedora Core.

Now that gimp release 2.0 is out, how long should I expect to wait for it to appear as an rpm? I could go ahead and ./configure, make, make install it, but I kinda like the idea of being able to remove it.

If you can't find an rpm, you can get checkinstall and create your own rpm from a .tar file. Install checkinstall, untar your package, do the ./configure and 'make', and instead of doing a 'make install', run checkinstall and it will create and install the rpm for you.

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