install overwriting 2 drives

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This is a complete newbie question...hope the following is clear...

I have 3 hds
win2k is on hd0
rh9 is/was on hd1
dual booting them was fine.
the third hd, hd2, is/was new.

However, while installing rh9 on hd2 (don't ask: ...I am gonna
put rh7.3 on hd1, but wanted to preserve rh9 on hd1 until ready to do
that), hd1 info got wiped.  And for some reason, sdd3 (swap partition i
created, is not being recognized (nor is sdc3, also a swap partition).

ok, so i used the rh9 rpms to install onto hd2

and when it comes time to create partitions:
I UNclick sdb (win2k) and sdc (the old rh9), but check to format all
partitions and install a rh9 on sdd (hd2, a much larger drive)

is this clear so far?

on the next screen or so, when creating new partitions, i make sure that
every reference to sdb and sdc are unchecked and that under the partitions
on sdc the radio buttons *leave unchanged* are clicked.

Note: for some reason sdc3 swap partition appears with a check-mark in the
*format* column.  When the *leave unchanged* radio button is clicked for
this partition, this disappears (the *leave unchanged* radio buttons on
the other partitions are, by default, already clicked) 


When it comes time to configure grub, grub sees only 2 drives, sdb and
sdd2.  I add sdc2 from the pull-down menu. 

On bootup, tho all 3 drives are listed (tho hd1 is misconfigured), i can
only boot into hd0 and hd2. Grub has misconfigured sdc2, titling it as if
it were a windows drive (got error 13).  I edit grub sdc to reflect its
linux volumes (by the way, the info grub has on sdd2 show root=LABEL=/1
rather than /dev/sdd1).  I did this after querying grub to see what
volumes showed up, and since linux showed up, i figured all ok.  but when
i boot into it, it resembles hd2. all old data completely wiped. 

the story is longer, but the main idea is there -- i don't want to wipe
out data the next time i format/install rh on a disk, which is what i am
gonna do after i send this off...

to repeat in a less succinct way:

Fortunately this overwrite is ok, as i backed up the files (except for my
bookmarks -- wahh ;P), but, when i go to put rh7.3 on hd1, i don't want to
wipe out rh9 (now on hd2).  That is, how to Not have rh install affect
partitions on another drive -- what else was there to do?  fdisk? argh.
What about what to do using gui???  What did i leave out?

thanks for any info...

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