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Just some fact checking:

Guy Fraser  said:
> I got an email last week letting me know that RHL 9 is EOL April 04.
> Two weeks ago RHN [the bastards] automaticaly renewed my subscription,
> and now I only get 6 months of updates for the full price. Now that is
> what I can come to expect from RH in the future.

And access to RHEL WS for the 6 months after that.

> Now I have an issue, should I fork out 50% [RH's way of easing the pain
> after they ripped off a bunch of their paying supporters] of the US$349
> for RHEL ES Basic or go to another distribution .
> Since I need bind and samba server, RHEL WS doesn't seem to fit.

WS comes with samba (and httpd, and nfs).  You will have to decide if it
is worth $170 a year for you to build/support bind on your own.

> I will also then have to fork out substantial cash each year to keep
> my machine up to date.
> I didn't mind paying ~$300 per year volentarily to buy the latest and
> greatest box sets for RHL, but RHEL is just out of the park for my
> one server at home, and its price is aproaching M$ server software which
> has FREE updates. The thought of supporting Bill Gates sickens me almost
> as much as being ripped off by RH whom I have supported over the last 7
> years.

It has been discussed many times that this is an apples to oranges

> Fedora doesn't seem very apealing especialy since a week ago when I last
> checked, it still wasn't even ready to download an ISO.

It's been out since Thurs., IIRC.

> I use my RHL machine at home as mostly just a dns,mail and file server
> [560GB] for R&D to keep up to date and develop software and patches for
> ISP management, and automated file management.

If you mean "keep up to date" is getting newer versions of software, maybe
you need to look at Fedora again.  It's whole purpose in life is to allow
newer versions of software into the distro faster.

William Hooper

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