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The SuSe 9 CD you can find on the mirrors is only the Live-Eval. It should
be a matter of days until the real thing is up for ftp install.

At least that's what happened with 8.1 and 8.2.


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Alexander Rau (private) wrote:

>I am pretty much in the same boat.
>I am extensively testing Suse and Slackware at the moment. I am quite
>pleased with the Suse 8.2 distro so far. I haven't seen their 9.0 on the
>mirrors yet.
There's a "SUSE 9 on a CD" available from the mirrors.   SUSE 9 does 
look as though it's going to be pretty good and may well be worth 
hanging on for.   The recent UnitedLinux changes made SUSE rather less 
different to Red Hat (at least that was the case with SLES 8) so it may 
be rather easier to migrate to than previous versions were.


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