Re: Xircom Wireless Credit Card NOT WORKING

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Follow the links to the Cisco Software Center for Wireless Software.

And please turn off the d**med HTML.

On Saturday November 08 2003 09:41 pm, Innovation Kid wrote:
> <P>
> Hey, Thanks for that.<BR>
> I went to the link you sent but unfortunately I could not locate the driver
> for Linux. Can you help me better?<BR> Thanks<BR>
> Innovation Kid<BR>
> <BR>
> On Sat, 08 Nov 2003 Stephen Carville wrote :<BR>
> &gt;Go to:<BR>
> &gt;<BR>
> &gt;<BR>
> &gt;<BR>
> &gt;The Aironet driver is not included in RH 9 but is available from
> Cisco.<BR> &gt;<BR>
> &gt;On Friday November 07 2003 08:52 pm, Innovation Kid wrote:<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;P&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt;&nbsp; Hi&lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; I have just bought a Xircom Wireless Ethernet Adapter. Model
> CWE<BR> &gt; &gt; 1130NA.&lt;BR&gt; People tell me that its Cisco Aironet
> Chipset. But its not<BR> &gt; &gt; working. Does anyone has ever tried ? I
> have seen some pointers on google<BR> &gt; &gt; and one of them wrote that
> he added an entry to /etc/pcmcia/config&lt;BR&gt; &lt;BR&gt;<BR> &gt; &gt;
> card &quot;Xircom...&quot;&lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; bind &quot;airo_net&quot;&lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; etc etc and it worked for him. However when I insert my card in
> my pcmcia<BR> &gt; &gt; slot, /var/log/messages tell me &lt;BR&gt; cardmgr:
> &quot;Unsupported Card in<BR> &gt; &gt; slot 0&quot;&lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; The same card is working in the same slot in
> Windows.&lt;BR&gt;<BR> &gt; &gt; &lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; So guys, what to do?&lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; Thanks&lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; Waiting !&lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; Innovation Kid &lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt;&nbsp; &lt;BR&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;/p&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;<BR>
> &gt; &gt; &lt;A target=&quot;_blank&quot;<BR>
> &gt; &gt;
> HREF=&quot;;&gt;&lt;I
>MG<BR> &gt; &gt;
> SRC=&quot;
><BR> &gt; &gt;/inbox.htm@Bottom&quot; BORDER=0 VSPACE=0 HSPACE=0
> HEIGHT=74 WIDTH=496&gt;&lt;/a&gt;<BR> &gt;<BR>
> &gt;--<BR>
> &gt;Stephen Carville<BR>
> &gt;------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>
> &gt;Right wing socialists hate privacy as much as left wing socialists hate
> guns.<BR> &gt;<BR>
> &gt;<BR>
> &gt;--<BR>
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> &gt;Shrike-list@xxxxxxxxxx<BR>
> &gt;<BR>
> </P>
> <br><br>
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> HREF="";><IMG
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Stephen Carville
Right wing socialists hate privacy as much as left wing socialists hate guns.

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