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Well, the Fedora Core has gcc 3.3 on it and if you select the kernel development package at install time, the gcc32 package (with the gcc 3.2 compiler) will be installed.

From what I understand, it is still not possible to compile the kernel using gcc 3.3. It can be compiled with gcc 3.2 (named 'gcc32' on Fedora) though. In fact I have a Fedora kernel that I modified and compiled with gcc32 and am running on my other machine. Works fine.


Matthew Saltzman wrote:

On Sat, 11 Oct 2003, Maynard Kuona wrote:

Which is the compiler recommended for compiling the Linux kernel for
redhat. Is it possble to install other compiler versions concurrently,
like the official stable gcc.

The recommended gcc for Red Hat RH9 kernels is the latest one from Red Hat (gcc-3.2.2-5). There are 3.3.1 RPMs in Rawhide, but I'm not sure what other depedencies they have. If they don't work, your best bet is probably to install gcc from tarball alongside the one you have. In that case, static linking is probably advisable when you use that compiler, especially if using C++.

-- Bob Cochran Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

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