Re: help, I hosed my PAM setup (I think)

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Arindam Dey wrote:

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 16:15, Jim Cromie wrote:

now Im unable to login with my regular username, or to su - to it

[root@xxxxxxx pam.d]# su - jimc
Segmentation fault
[root@xxxxxxx pam.d]# su jimc
Segmentation fault
[root@xxxxxxx pam.d]#

the segfault happens when su-ing from joe to bob,

Also - on the X session still running there, where previously opened
'joeuser' windows are present, the bash prompt changed to
"[I have no name!@xxxxxxx]", and xterm title now shows 500, my userid
from /etc/passwd (which is dated 4/13, so presumably un-mangled).

chown 644 /etc/passwd should resolve your I have no name prompt to normal again. I think then you may find that most of your stuff is back to normal. Try this out.

damn, youre good !

I chmod'd it (to match passwd-, BTW), new windows open with joe-user, su works.

thanks !

have you been there before ? Any guess how passwd got 600'd ? Part of the rpm -i --force ?

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