Re: RH9 -- The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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Linux-Lists.Red-Hat.Shrike wrote:

> Again, someone claiming woohoo because it works for them.  I rest my
> case.


Apparently all these people on this list who have had nothing but
friendly and helpful responses to their Linux questions ARE LIVING ON
ANOTHER PLANET. I don't know where it's located in the heavens, but I
hope the weather's nice there.

Just for instance... Just off the top of my head... Has anyone who's
claiming there's a wealth of quick, friendly Linux help out there ever
tried asking a question on #linux on EFNet? HA! I rest *my* case. I'll
have scars for the rest of my life on that score.

I gave up trying to use IRC for Linux help 5 years ago, and I had
already been administrating Unix for 4! (So it wasn't that I was totally
clueless, either about what I was doing, *or* about how to ask for help.)

All of that being said, this list is the most helpful place -- in
general -- I've ever seen for Linux help, in any form, bar none. So
thank you all for that. My point is just that, when it's good, it's
"ok," but when it's bad, it's teeth-achingly nightmarish. (And it's
hardly ever stellar, to boot.)


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