Re: How to install source rpm's on redhat 9

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Darren R. Weber said:
> On Mon, 2003-04-21 at 22:57, Michael Fratoni wrote:
>> On Monday 21 April 2003 09:24 pm, Darren R. Weber wrote:
>> You really shouldn't build RPMs as root. It's just an invitation for
>> disaster. Settting up a non root rpm build environment is simple, and
>> will save you when you make a mistake in a spec file that results in an
>> 'rm -rf /'
>> Instructions and a script to set it up:
> I always thought that was a bad deal to have to be root to rebuild the
> rpms too.  Thanks for the info on how to set it up non root.
> -Darren

Interesting.  I had heard of it before, but this is much easier to set up
than I had imagined.  One thing, though, is there a way to make tarballs
work with this environment?

For example, I use Leafnode, which is distributed as a tar.bz2 file.  The
author does included a spec file, so I can just do:

# rpmbuild -tb leafnode-<version>.tar.bz2

When trying as a user now I get:

[whooper@xxxxxxxx whooper]$ rpmbuild -tb
error: Failed to rename
/home/whooper/rpmbuild/SOURCES/%{name}-%{version}/rpm-spec.3oomkl to
/home/whooper/rpmbuild/SOURCES/%{name}-%{version}/rpm-spec.3oomkl: No such
file or directory: No such file or directory
[whooper@xxxxxxxx whooper]$

On a related note, why are the RPM-List archives only available to
William Hooper

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