Re: More bugs in 9 than 8.1-3? Samba DoS, Mozilla, Prelink problems

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On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> Regardles, the point remains.  We do not announce our releases
> until they are completed.  Red Hat Linux 9 was no different.
> This is the first time I believe that we announced a release
> prior to the actual release date, but the release was not
> announced while it was still under development, and that is what
> is meant by "preannounce".

FWIW, the date on the iso's is March 14th.  To me, this means that it was
"completed/packaged/ready-to-go" on that date.  It wasn't until after that
date that notice was sent out that the iso's would be available to RHN
customers on March 31st.

I'm certain that Red Hat would have tailored their announcements had the
"completion/packaging/ready-to-go" date was different.

> Feel free to argue amongst yourselves about pedantic details if
> you like, but nothing has changed WRT dates/names/versions of
> software releases.


A lot more work goes into a "release" than the general public is aware of.


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