Re: How to make kernel binary rpm with devfs enabled from src.rpm in RH9 ?

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On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 08:01:19PM +0800, Steven Shiau wrote:
> Hi! Arjan:
> Why Red Hat Linux do NOT support devfsd ? 

It's a security hazard and doesn't actually solve any real problems

> We are developing a diskless
> environment, by using devfsd it will reduce the load of the server.

what does it do that a simple ramdisk for /dev doesn't do?

> Could you please tell me ? For Debian, Mandrake ant other distributions,
> devfs is ok with them. I know devfs disappeared since Red Hat 7.3.

Actually we NEVER included devfs, only Red Hat Linux 7.1 
included the userspace helper but that didn't work at all

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