Re: Good Nvidia Based Card - Anyone??

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> Since Nvidia only makes the chips, can someone recommend a manufacturer of
> Nvidia based boards?  We are looking for something comparable to the ATI
> 9700 Pro both in features and in price (128M Ram / $300-$400 US)

I'm using an MSI G4Ti4200-TD8X card
based on the Nvidia Ti4200 AGP8x. You can get those for $100-$150 US I
think. Less power than a 9700Pro though, but MSI also sells GeforceFX 5800
). The only bad things I heard about them is that they make a LOT of noise
(fan) when running 3D applications, and they use two expansion slots because
of the big cooler. The Leadtek card
%20Ultra%20TD%20MyVivo) is a lot better in that aspect. Though it has two
fans it is said to be a lot quieter. It takes up only one slot, and it has a
realy nice alluminium casing :)


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