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> At 04:35 PM 4/13/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>I know that some people go into anaphylactic shock with the thought of
>> installing closed-source software, much less actually paying for it, I
>> hope that people don't take advantage of Sophos and continually
>> download the demo without paying for it.  Sophos has very good Linux
>> support, even going as far as providing a *supported* SDK for creating
>> apps that link into their anti-virus software.
>>Unfortunately, Sophos isn't what I'd call inexpensive and their sales
>> force is targeted towards business sales, not toward individual home
>> users.
> Amen on both counts.
> I am trying to purchase a Sophos license for one server at the office,
> and  am also talking to them in an effort to convince them that it would
> be to  their advantage to offer an inexpensive version for "single-user"
> or  home-type use. If lots of other people also talk to them, there is a
> much  higher chance of convincing them to offer such an option.
> --
> Rodolfo J. Paiz
> rpaiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I went through that whole route with Sophos over a year ago.  They just
don't see single user/home users as worth their while.  They are only
interested in large corporate customers.  They do have a good product
though but with their corporate pricing it's way out of line for home

I ended up using MailScanner.  It integrates seamlessly with over a dozen
virus scanners and will use either Postfix or sendmail without
modification.  I currently use F-Prot which is free for home users (and
very reasonable for commercial users) along with Clamav.  MailScanner will
use as many virus scanners at the same time as you wish.  The idea is that
when a new virus hits then one virus scanner may be a little slower to
update than another.

MailScanner also can use SpamAssassin natively.  It's very effective in
tagging spam.

I use the combination of MailScanner, F-Prot/Clamav, and SpamAssassin to
screen all incoming mail.  It's particularly important to me for the
family's Windows systems (I haven't been able to convert the rest of the
family to Linux).


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