RH 9 and Dell Precision Pro 650

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 Hello Everyone,

I await every release of Red Hat Linux with baited breath in hopes that
someday I can blow Windows and our reliance on Microsoft Products out the
"window". It was no different of this 9.0 release and I downloaded it from
RHN the day it was available.

As with any new release, I test it out on less significant equipment to see
how it handles and to get a closer look under the hood. The final test is
when I install a hard drive on my computer and test it out there. Well this
time I have a brand spanking new powerhouse of a machine and wouldn't you
know it - things really aren't working out.

Here is what I have:

Dell Workstation 650
500M Ram
Dual Xeon Processors
ATI 9700Pro
Digital Dell Flat Screen Monitor FP1900
USB 2.0
Firewire with Various Firewire Drives

Here is what happened, and if any of you have any suggestions, that would be

1. Used the CD's to setup.
2. System boot ok but hangs when the graphical installer gets going
3. Perform the installation in text mode - no problems.
4. Machine reboots into X and hangs.
5. Removed the digital connection to the monitor and installed the analog
6. Machine boots into X with no problems.
7. Now when I select the smp kernel, the machine displays; "Trying to boot
Processor One" "Trying to boot Processor Two" and then fails and restarts. I
can boot into single processor mode with no issues.
8. Did an Up2date to see if the new Kernel corrected this behavior - it did
9. After trouble shooting the above for hours, I find that if I disable
legacy USB support in the bios, the smp works. Now I don't have use of the
keyboard until after USB is started.
10. No DRI Support for the ATI Radion 9700 Pro - Real Bummer here!
11. I have a San Disk Image Mate 6 in 1 Card Reader. I can use the CF slots,
but the remaining 5 are dead.

What works better than expected?

1. Firewire - Everything auto configured nicely and was fully functional.
That included all my LaCie hard drives and DVD/CDROM Burners. - Very Cool!!


It seems that USB 2.0 support and or the new Dell Bios is having problems.
Top that off with X not having drivers for ATI's top cards means that I am
regulated to waiting a little while longer!!

Have a great Holiday!

Bruce P. Morin
SafePoint E-Technology Group, LLC.

phone: +1 860.410.0790
email: bpmorin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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