Re: SCSI Tape problem

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> I have a exabyte EXB-8505XL tape drive  that i decided to put into
> a machine i  just put together to run as a mail/backup server  its
> a p166 with 48mb ram  i  did a text install and very minimal
> install  565 mb  its pluged into a  symbios scsi controller using
> the ncr53c8xx driver  its not recognising my  tape drive.  it is
> the only device on the bus  and is terminated properly.
> anyone setup a tape drive  in 9 yet?  anyone have any pointers to
> get it seen?
> Dennis

My Compaq DLT 15/30 works great in my RH9 installation.  It was
recognized and drivers installed automatically.  The thing is using
the onboard Symbios interface and stock RH drivers.

Good luck!


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