Re: Upgrading glibc from i686 to i386 on RedHat9

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On Wednesday 16 April 2003 06:08 pm, Thomas Dodd wrote:
> Jhon H. Caicedo O. wrote:
> > Now, in RedHat9, the glibc update doesn't install this way and
> > breaks the installation.
> How so? My understanding is you can still install the i386 versions,
> with a possible issue of doing it on a running system.
> Does the machine in question have another installation available?
> you could use the --root argument to rpm to install on the other
> system. You could also upgrade glibc and the kernel after booting for
> the CD in rescue mode, again using the --root option to rpm.
> Several solutions are listed in bugzilla
> as well I think.

One additional problem that the OP will probably encounter is that there 
is no Red Hat provided kernel package on the install media that will run 
on a i486 machine. (With the possible exception of the kernel-BOOT 
package, and even that won't run on anything less than a 486DX, as the 
BOOT kernel is configured with CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION not set). 

Getting the proper version of glibc installed is all well and good, but if 
the kernel can't boot, glibc won't matter. ;)

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